Our Design-Build Process

If we both choose to work together our process offers detailed planning during the development of your project with the goal of meeting or exceeding your expectations. Click on each step for more details of what's involved.

6 Steps Toward a Successful Project

People Involved

Desired Outcome

Step 1.
Getting to Know Each Other

  • Decision Makers
  • Verify a Good Fit
  • Sign Pre-Construction Agreement

Step 2.
Develop Project Design & Specifications

  • Decision Makers
  • Design Professionals
  • Trade Partners/Vendors
  • Realistic Project to Meet Purpose & Budget

Step 3.
Committing to Construction

  • Decision Makers
  • Sign Construction Agreement

Step 4.
Project Planning & Pre-Staging

  • Trade Partners
  • Smooth, Accurate Construction Process
  • Minimal Change Orders

Step 5.
Project Construction -
Commencement of Project

  • Design Professionals
  • Trade Partners/Vendors
  • Building Inspectors
  • Fulfill Purpose of Project
  • Fulfill Your Dreams

Step 6.
Project Completion & Warranty

  • Decision Makers
  • Trade Partners/Vendors
  • Complete Project and Satisfy Clients
  • Less Hanging Details


Step 1: Getting to Know Each Other

At Custom Home Renovation Solutions we know from experience the success of any construction or renovation project is the mutual responsibility of all team members involved, including our clients. Together we’ll discuss what is important to you and our company to be sure there is a good fit between what you are looking for in your contractor and what we can offer. At this time we will also discuss why you want to do the project and how we can both define and measure success.

If we both agree Custom Home Renovation Solutions is a good fit for you and your project, the next step is to commit to working together and enter into a Preconstruction Agreement.


Step 2: Project Design and Specifications

Once committed to work together the first step is to develop the project’s design, specifications and a realistic budget. For our clients, this is the most important part of the entire project.

Basing a project’s budget on generic square foot costs does not work for clients with custom and or unique projects. To properly plan and personalize your custom project, with minimal wasted time and money, it is critical to begin by establishing a realistic budget that both the client and the construction team are comfortable with.

During the design and specification process our Trade Partners and Vendors become involved to complement the process with their knowledge, helping to establish material and product selections.

If the client is open to expanding the scope of the project and budget during design, with your written permission, we can also offer alternative design and product options.

Will you be living in the home during renovations? Are you concerned about dust and the health of your family during construction? Are there special accommodations that need to be made for small children or pets? These are the types of issues that need to be addressed before the project even begins. It is also during this phase that C.H.R.S can help tailor the sequence and construction of your project to limit the effects on you and your family.


Step 3: Committing to Construction

Our preconstruction process and services help our clients gain confidence in their project and the investment they will be making in their homes and their lives. To move forward on your project we will provide an agreement including the finalized and detailed project specifications we developed together.

Our construction agreement will include:

  • Detailed specifications
  • Clarification about what is not included
  • Project plans, if required
  • List of any allowances and selections to be made by the clients
  • Total project cost and a milestone-based payment schedule
  • Anticipated project timeline and related assumptions


Step 4: Project Planning and Pre-Staging

Completing your project on time and on budget doesn’t happen by accident. Once a construction agreement has been finalized we begin the process of getting you, your project and your home ready for construction. Beginning with the end result in mind dictates what we need to do, in the right critical path order, with the right resources.

Depending on the nature of your design and even your purpose for doing it, the following activities are typical to the projects we complete:

  • Final plans for building permit application
  • Building permit application
  • Project critical path and schedule created
  • Secure all final product selections from clients
  • Pre-ordering of custom and or special order materials
  • Scheduling of and commitments from trade partners
  • On-site preconstruction meeting with clients as a final review of everything before construction begins


Step 5: Project Construction

This is where all of the hard work, planning and our working together will pay off. The benefits of the planning stages will quickly become apparent as you witness the organization and smooth progression of the various stages of construction, creating an environment that fosters and supports quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

During construction, our project management system and the construction professionals involved on your project work together like a well oiled machine. We have developed long standing relationships with highly skilled, insured and professionally licensed trade partners and vendors. Because of this, we can be confident about our system and the people we will invite to enter your home on our behalf.


Step 6: Project Completion and Warranty

Let’s face it, you’ll be real happy to see us get started; at the same time you will also be real happy to see us leave! Because most of our projects are significant in size and duration, we know that wrapping your project up in a timely manner can often make a big difference regarding your satisfaction, with us as well as your final project.

At Custom Homes Renovation Solutions we actually start our precompletion process when your project begins. Throughout construction, our team members will maintain a list of any items needing attention and/or any follow up. Most of these items are addressed and completed during construction.

As we approach the end of your project we will schedule a Precompletion Quality Control Checklist meeting with you. At this meeting we come prepared with a final list of items we know need to be completed before we leave. During the meeting we will go over this list with you, adding any additional items or details you bring to our attention. At this time, these items will be completed while our team, the materials and the tools are still at the job site.

On completion of the items in the checklist we will both be in agreement that your project is finalized. Your one year warranty on materials and labor begins then.